28 Jan Ways to Set Up Your Food Storage on a Budget

Whether or not you buy into the “apocalyptic” claims many people are making nowadays, it is important to have food storage. If you or your spouse were to suddenly lose your jobs, a natural disaster hit your area, or there is a terrible storm, you will suddenly have to survive on what you have. Creating a food storage is an incredible feat to take on all at once, but there are ways to slowly accumulate a food storage quickly and inexpensively.

Having a food storage has more benefits than you realize. You can cook using your food storage during moves, if you are sick (instead of having to make a trip to the store), if you are saving up for home improvements, have emergency medical bills, and more. Learn how to build up your food storage below.

Buy something extra every time you go to the store
Slowly build up your food storage over time by purchasing a few items of food every time you go to the store. Grab an extra can of food, a pound of sugar, etc. while you are there to add to your food storage.

Buy what you actually eat
If you have 200 cans of black beans in your food storage, it won’t do you much good. Make a list of things that you actually eat. When you are shopping for your normal list, buy a couple extra cans or ingredients to put in your food storage. Make a list of meals that you and your family enjoy, and write down what you would need to make the recipe.

Buy food when it is on sale
Have a list of things that you always need to have in your food storage, and whenever you go to the store, check to see if it is on sale. You will save a lot of money this way, as long as you always keep your list on you when you go shopping.

Properly store your food
Make sure that you keep your food from going bad by storing it properly. Buy large food safe barrels to keep your food in to keep them from going bad. Make sure to date all of your food storage so that you know how long it has been hanging out in your pantry (or under your bed if that’s where you keep it). Use a permanent marker to label anything that doesn’t already have a date on it.

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