18 Aug Six Things to Stop Buying Today

In this age of consumerism, monthly expenses rarely include just the essentials. We buy useless junk every day that clutters our homes and diminish our bank accounts. Below six unnecessary things that you should stop buying today.

Bottled Water
Bottled water, costs nearly 2,000 times more per gallon than tap water. Americans consume 97 billion gallons of bottled water per year, running at $1.22 per gallon. When you consider that most of that is purchased in single bottles, it pushes the cost to nearly $7.50 per gallon. Water filtration systems cost about $40, and if you need filtered water on the go, you can purchase a filtered water bottle for $10-$20, ultimately saving you hundreds of dollars per year.

Lottery Tickets
The lottery is often known as “the stupid man’s tax”. The odds are always stacked against you, as you only have a 1 in 258 million chance at winning. You are more likely to give birth to conjoined twins, be crushed by a Meteorite, win an Oscar, or have a child accepted to Harvard at age ten than you are to win the lottery

Those little knickknacks clutter your house and collect dust. The first thing to go during a massive de-junk are those little do-dads and trinkets. You do not need a souvenir from every place you visit, take pictures and memories instead. Empty space does not need to be filled, in fact, your house will look cleaner if it is not.

Pre-cut Food
Every grocery store has the option to purchase pre-cut, pre-washed vegetables. Pre-cut vegetables cost 50 to 75% more than their counterparts. They are they not always cleaner (often pre-washed vegetables are recalled due to harmful pathogens), and sometimes companies add chemicals to their pre-washed, pre-cut vegetables to make them last longer. Also, once a vegetable has been cut, its nutritional value starts to decrease.

Cable TV
Cable subscriptions cost an average of $66 per month. There are many cable alternatives, from Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and Hulu Plus that cost about $10 per month. You could combine multiple subscriptions and still save hundreds of dollars per year.

Premium Gas
In most cases, regular unleaded gas is just as efficient as premium gas. Premium gas has a higher octane level, making it less combustible, decreasing knocking and increasing performance. The performance increase is so slight that you will rarely notice it in most vehicles. Most owner’s manuals state that premium gas is recommended, rather than required. If that is the case, you can use regular gas without a problem. However, if your owner’s manual states that premium fuel is required in your car, you should always use premium gas.

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