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10 May Saving on Home Energy Costs

When it comes to saving money, there are tons of steps that people can take every day to reduce the amount of money that they use. One of the most prevalent ways for people to do this is to reduce the amount of energy that they use, each month, to cut back on energy-related costs. Here are some simple ways that people can save money on their home energy costs…

Program Your Thermostat

One of the largest energy costs for most people is their heating and cooling costs, where households can throw hundreds of dollars into a pit, every month. The saddest part about this is that most households are spending tons of money to heat and cool their house inefficiently, or when they’re not even there. One of the simplest ways to reduce your heating and cooling costs is to install a programmable thermostat, so that you can set it to only operate when you are actually home, and to do less work when you’re sleeping (and are under blankets, anyways).

Add Proper Insulation

Insulation is another important step to take towards reducing your heating and cooling costs. If your home is poorly insulated, then you’ll be spending tons of money for the climate control of a home that has no real border on where that climate ends. One of the worst places where insulation is neglected is in the attic, where heat can easily escape through the roof (since hot air rises). If you want a simple way to improve the insulation in your house, then get some caulk or weather strip and seal the air leaks around your doors and windows. That one step can save you well over a hundred dollars, every year.

Get Energy Star Appliances

Energy Star is a program that certifies products that are efficient in their energy usage. Appliances that have an Energy Star certification will use significantly less energy. Just getting an Energy Star refrigerator will save nearly a hundred dollars, annually, in electricity costs, while a washer will save more than a hundred dollars. Using Energy Star appliances helps cut back on your electricity costs, which can add up when all of your appliances are wasting energy, needlessly.

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