28 Mar Saving Money if You Own a Pet

There is a reason why many people wish that they could claim their pet as a dependant. They are expensive! From the grooming, to the food, and then everyday upkeep, owning a pet costs much more than the cost to buy the animal. It costs on average $500–10,000 per year to own a dog, and $300-5,000 a year for a cat. Read on for five tips to help you cut expenses while still taking care of your pet.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive pet food to give your animal the proper nutrients. Find out what they need and find something that will help keep them healthy. Also be careful not to overfeed your pet. If you give them more than they need, you can quickly drain your bank account. Try to find coupons for your prefered brand, and always buy in bulk.

Save on Grooming
Your pet does not need to attend a fancy spa or day care, you can do a lot of grooming yourself at home. By regularly bathing your animal, you can reduce the trips to the groomer. You can even learn to groom your animal yourself to save a bit more.

Be Frugal When it Comes to Toys
Your pet does not need every cute little blanket or toy you see at the store. Buying toys actually makes you feel better than your pet — they don’t really care. They’re going to pick a few favorites anyway and ignore the other ones. Buy a few sturdy toys to give your pet, and cut back on the little extras. You can even make your own treats and toys for your animals to cut down on costs even more.

Trade Animal Sitting
Instead of paying an animal sitter every time you go out of town, find another family that would be willing to trade services. You’ll watch their pets when they go out of town, and they’ll watch yours! If you can’t find someone to trade, think about hiring a teenager in the neighborhood that you trust instead of taking them to an expensive boarding lodge.

Train Your Own Animals
Many people fork out thousands of dollars to pay a dog or cat trainer, when they can just as easily do it themselves at home. Start young, and teach your animal how to behave. Watch YouTube videos and get books from the library to help you train your pet. You can even train some animals such as cats to use the bathroom in the toilet so that you can save on litter.

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