01 Sep Obstacles of Starting a Business: Fear

There are many reasons not to start a business. The obstacles are numerous and monumental. However, you aren’t starting a business to hear all the reasons that it won’t work. You want to find the way that will. You want to laugh in the face of all those who never believed you could do it. However, being properly educated about the challenges that lie in front of you is one of the most important things, if you are to succeed in your goals. This series will give you some information and hopefully enlighten you on how to succeed on the road ahead.


The first thing in anyone’s way when they are starting a business is fear, and believe it or not, there is indeed a lot to be afraid of in the world of entrepreneurship. However, tackling those fears and surviving this initial fear is essential to growing any business. Fear is the primary thing holding many would be successful people back. However, you should be spending your time thinking less of those fears, because a business comes with too many headaches that you can’t spare another. For that reason, here’s a breakdown on how to handle the fear of starting a business.

What to be afraid of

Starting a business is a gigantic risk. Some entrepreneurs put everything on the line to get their company up and running, and there’s a good chance that you could be one of them. Most people must even quit their jobs to achieve their goals. But what if I fail? What will others think of me if I do? How will I support my family? These are some of the many frightening questions that undoubtedly plague the minds of those seeking to start their own business. And that’s the truth: there is a lot to be afraid of in this situation.

Why you must face fear

In anything worth doing in life, there is usually a risk involved. That’s because a life without risk isn’t really being lived to its fullest. While there may be many doubts in your head, you must educate yourself to prepare with those doubts and then toss them aside. You must face your fears. Being successful means taking a chance. Obviously, don’t do anything stupid to wreck the life and situation of your family, but don’t sit passively by the wayside while your life passes you by. Be smart, but also be bold!


Fear can make you your own biggest foe. That is something you never want to be. Instead, challenge yourself to be the best you can be, and you’ll be just fine.

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