Investing papers on desk
10 Aug

A Guide to Understanding Investments

People toss around the word “investment” to describe so many different things. People say that their new television is an investment, as is their 401k, their car, their home, and their new shoes. Some people use the word to classify a large purchase, while others use it to classify a purchase with growth potential. So what does the word really mean?
Man planning budget on paper
10 Jul

Styles of Budgeting

Money is a lot like children. If you don’t know what it’s doing, then it’s probably getting into a whole lot of trouble. For this reason, it’s important that every household has a manageable budget that they are able to stick to. Of course, budgeting isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, and, truth be told, there’s probably a lot of things you’d rather be doing than sitting down and looking at all of the money that you can’t spend the way you want to. Nonetheless, it leaves everyone in a better financial situation to have a budget that is built around their needs. Here are some different styles of budgeting that you can use to create one that works for you...
Man counts saving money
10 Jun

Retirement Prep for Your 20s

It’s never too late to start thinking about your retirement. When you’re in your 20s, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the youth of the moment and neglect the future, at least to some degree. Indeed, many of the things that we do in our 20s build more debt with the understanding that it will improve our financial situation later, such as going to college or buying a house. However, if you take some simple steps to build your retirement now, it is going to pay dividends in later life (literally).
Power cord by money stacks
10 May

Saving on Home Energy Costs

When it comes to saving money, there are tons of steps that people can take every day to reduce the amount of money that they use. One of the most prevalent ways for people to do this is to reduce the amount of energy that they use, each month, to cut back on energy-related costs. Here are some simple ways that people can save money on their home energy costs...
Woman Uncertain of Saving Money
10 Apr

When Is Saving Money a Bad Idea?

Throughout your life, you’ve no doubt heard about the conventional wisdom that comes with saving money. Saving money helps you build towards larger goals, such as buying a car, a home, traveling, and doing a variety of other desirable things. However, despite this fact, we’re here to tell you that the conventional wisdom can sometimes be wrong. Indeed, there comes a point where saving money, in terms of putting it in a savings account, is a financially horrible decision. There are a handful of reasons why this is the case...
10 Mar

How to Cut Back on Transportation Costs

Oftentimes, saving more money is a simple case of adjusting your lifestyle to spend less of it. There are endless ways that people can do this in their own lives, but there are a few common expenditures that everybody overspends on. One of these is transportation. Traveling between work, home, errands, and recreational activities costs money, especially if you are driving everywhere. Here are some ideas on how you can cut back on your transportation costs...
01 Sep

It’s Never Too Late to Start Investing

There are a few key principles to saving money, and especially saving for retirement, that seem to stay pretty consistent across the board. Anyone you ask is going to have a few personal recommendations, but the basics stay pretty much the same no matter who you ask. Those principles are to start saving young, put your money in a dedication IRA instead of a regular savings account, and to invest your money. If you feel like, for one reason or another, you’ve never been able to save very much and the years before your retirement are getting fewer and fewer, here are a few tips to getting back into the saving game.
A person clicks dollar signs on a smartphone
01 Aug

Apps to Help Save for Retirement

One of people’s biggest fears nowadays is that they will not be able to save enough to retire and have a comfortable amount of time to enjoy that retirement. There are a key number of factors that go into this, and people have good reason to be worried. It looks less and less likely that today’s generations will be able to accomplish the same retirement goals as the previous generation, due to the current state of the economy and the health of programs that are supposed to help people retire. However, you can still overcome these challenges by using the tools that exist today to help find a path to retirement. Here are some amazing apps that you can use to assist you in this endeavor...
Woman in shorts that are too big
01 Jul

Cutting Costs While Losing Weight

Losing weight can be a difficult goal for any person to accomplish, but one thing that makes it considerably more difficult is the notion that you need to break your bank and spend a ton of money to actually lose weight. This couldn’t be further from reality, and is largely due to the idea that you need to shop at expensive, all-natural grocery stores to get started. Most of the time, the things that are marketed as overpriced health food aren’t actually a whole lot healthier than what you were eating before. Here are some tips for how you can cut down on your weight while cutting on your costs at the same time...

A piggy bank goes on a beach vacation.
20 Jun

Tips for Saving for Vacation With Your Significant Other

Nowadays, one of the most sought after luxuries by young couples is the ability to travel. Sadly, not enough people realize that they have the power to see nearly anywhere in the world that they desire, if they really put their mind to it. By buckling down and really developing a strategy, it isn’t too difficult for you and your significant other to put away some serious money for your next vacation. Here are some tips for saving for vacation with your significant other…