10 Mar How to Cut Back on Transportation Costs

Oftentimes, saving more money is a simple case of adjusting your lifestyle to spend less of it. There are endless ways that people can do this in their own lives, but there are a few common expenditures that everybody overspends on. One of these is transportation. Traveling between work, home, errands, and recreational activities costs money, especially if you are driving everywhere. Here are some ideas on how you can cut back on your transportation costs…

Don’t drive new cars

A new car is a classically bad investment, as it will almost exponentially decrease in value. You shouldn’t opt to drive a new car unless you are in a good financial situation and it makes you feel good. When it comes to making a strict financial decision, opting to get an older car will help you get more mileage for your dollars.


If you feel like driving to and from work everyday is eating away at your wallet in gasoline and maintenance costs on your vehicle, then you should take some actions to remedy this problem. One common solution is to carpool with a coworker. By riding together and splitting the costs of gasoline, two people can cut their transportation costs in half. In addition, it’s more enjoyable to commute with another person in the car, rather than alone.

Get a public transit pass

Sometimes, it’s cost effective to forego driving altogether, for your major commutes. This can be made possible by looking into your local public transportation, seeing if it works for you, and comparing the cost of a pass with the gasoline that you are using. By getting a monthly pass, most transportation systems work out to be cheaper than driving, depending on where you are going. In addition, if public transportation covers all your needs, then it might be worth it to simply forego having a car, altogether.

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