Factors of Debt Repayment

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There are several key factors that go into debt repayment. Taken individually, each of these concepts is fairly simple, but when you consider them as a whole, it makes the act of debt repayment more complicated than it should be. That’s why we strive to help our clients simplify the process and pay off their debt, quickly. Here are the factors of debt repayment:


  • Creditors: Whom your paying your debt to, usually for a mortgage, car loan, credit card, or store card.
  • Balance: The overall amount of debt to be repaid, including interest.
  • Principle: The initial amount of the loan to be repaid, excluding interest.
  • Minimum Payment: The minimum amount you must pay back each month (although you can always pay more).
  • Actual Payment: How much you are routinely paying back to your creditors, on a month-to-month basis.
  • Interest Rate: The amount of interest that is building up, based on a set term. Some interest compounds annually, while others compound quarterly or biannually. It depends entirely on the repayment agreement.


Debt Reduction Services


We offer the following services to help our clients break free of the bounds of debt, and reduce the amount they owe to zero in a quick amount of time:


  • Creditor negotiation to reduce the interest charges that have accumulated over time, as well as late fees that might have piled up, as well.
  • Negotiate restructured debt repayment terms with lower interest rates.
  • Prevent harassment from endless collection calls.
  • Budget planning towards the goal of faster debt repayment.
  • A debt eliminator plan that uses a roll-over payment structure that helps our clients build their savings and get out of debt in half the time it would normally take them!


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