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01 Jul Cutting Costs While Losing Weight

Losing weight can be a difficult goal for any person to accomplish, but one thing that makes it considerably more difficult is the notion that you need to break your bank and spend a ton of money to actually lose weight. This couldn’t be further from reality, and is largely due to the idea that you need to shop at expensive, all-natural grocery stores to get started. Most of the time, the things that are marketed as overpriced health food aren’t actually a whole lot healthier than what you were eating before. Here are some tips for how you can cut down on your weight while cutting on your costs at the same time…

Opt for rec centers, instead of gyms

One of the first things that everybody does when they want to lose weight is sign up for a gym membership. Gyms love this, since it is quite common for first-time gym joiners to get a membership, but not use the facilities for months. This gives gyms some added revenue without anyone using and wearing down their equipment. Rather than dump your hard earned cash into an expensive gym membership, head over to a local rec center and start to use the facilities that they have there. There are tons of fitness programs and activities and rec centers that are far more motivating than what they have at the gym, anyway.

Eat in

You’ve probably heard this so many times that it’s practically cliche at this point, but eating out is a major drain on your budget, and it is far more cost-effective to cook your own food in your own home. With a little research and planning, cooking your meals makes for a much healthier diet plan, and can be much cheaper, if you don’t splurge for top level branded products on every single item.

Plan your portions

While cooking in is usually a healthier option, it definitely have to be the case. Aside from planning healthier meals, it’s also important to monitor your portion control. Even if you are eating healthier things, overeating will negate many of the benefits of eating in. To help prevent overeating, plan out your portions beforehand and don’t go back for seconds.

Check for workplace benefits

Some companies actually offer benefits for employees who want to get healthier, whether that is to sponsor gym memberships (which would actually make a gym more cost effective) or offering bonuses based on physical goals. On top of making happier employees, this also lowers the costs that companies pay for insurance.

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