01 Dec Buying Gifts Without Spending a Fortune

Christmas is the most expensive holiday, between the gifts, presents, parties and traveling expenses. If you are not careful, you can quickly break the bank, especially when it comes to buying gifts for your friends and family. You should never go into debt for Christmas presents. Do not use your credit card when you run out of cash, your friends and family will understand if you get them a smaller present due to your limited budget.

Plan Ahead
Even if you haven’t been budgeting for Christmas all year, you need to start planning now. Decide who you need to buy gifts for and about how much that will cost you per person. After you have an estimated total, decide what expenses you can cut back on (spreading out your salon visits, packing a lunch more often, carpooling more, etc). Set a spending limit and keep to it.

Make A List
Once you have decided who you need to give a gift to, decide what you would like to give them. Write down specific items for each person, and the budget you have for each of them. Whenever possible, find a way to give homemade gifts to friends and family. If you have a list of items, it will be easier when you go gift shopping to not purchase unnecessary and extra items for the people on your list.

Go In On A Gift
A great idea to spend less this holiday season is to go in on a gift with a friend or coworker. You will be able to purchase a nicer gift for someone, but not spend as much money. Sometimes you will have to spearhead this effort. Make sure to hold your friends and coworkers accountable for how much they said they would contribute.

Give Meaningful Gifts
Instead of giving a generic gifts, try to personalize the gifts for each person on your list. They don’t have to be expensive to be meaningful. For example, give them a $10 gift card to a place that you know that they shop at, rather than giving them a fruit basket.

Compare Prices Online
When you are shopping for items, compare prices online to make sure that you aren’t spending too much in the store. Check Amazon, Google, and eBay. The are only two downsides to buying online: you do have to wait for your items to be shipped, and you’re not able to try on clothes and accessories to make sure that they fit.

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