08 Nov Budget Gifts for Your Neighbors

During the holiday season, your doorbell rings over and over and over again. While you are excited about the cute m&m pretzel treats, there is a sinking feeling in your heart as you realize that you have to return a gift to everyone that dropped one off for you. The budget is tight, and after pinching pennies to buy gifts for your children, you have no idea how you are going to afford to give gifts to your neighbors as well. The political pressure is high, and if you don’t return the gifts (and give a gift to everybody), you will look like a grinch this holiday season. Do not despair! Below are eight budget neighbor gifts that you can make or buy that will save you from social suicide.

Reindeer Noses
Get a cute little plastic bag, and inside of it put 11 whoppers and one red gumball (for Rudolf). Close the bag with a cute ribbon and card that says “Reindeer Noses. Love, The Smith Family”. (Of course, you’d use your own last name instead.)

Soda-lighted You’re My Neighbor
Purchase a two-liter bottle of your favorite soda, or buy a 6 pack of soda and wrap it up in plastic and a ribbon. Attach a little card that says “We’re Soda-lighted That You’re Our Neighbors! Love, the Smith Family.”

Less Dishes To Do
During Christmas, there seems to be an endless stream of dishes to wash. Give your neighbors a small pack of paper plates, cups, and napkins with a little tag that says “Our Christmas wish for you is less dishes to do! Love, The Smiths”

We Wash You a Merry Christmas
This one is another cute and easy gift. Purchase small containers of christmas soap (you can find them at Wal-mart or the Dollar Store) and attach a little gift tag that says “We Wash You a Merry Christmas. Love, The Smiths”

Wrapping Paper and Tape
Everybody needs wrapping paper during the holiday season! A roll of wrapping paper is a great, inexpensive gift. Attach a little tag that says something like “Hope you’re wrapped up in the holidays!” or “Happy Holidays! Have fun wrapping up the year!” Of course, write your name on the tag as well.

Popcorn and a Movie
This gift is probably the easiest to do for a lot of people. Buy a big box of microwave popcorn from a bulk store like Costco or Sam’s Club. Give one bag to each of your neighbors with a little note that says “Just popping in to wish you a Merry Christmas! Love, The Smiths” Optionally, you can look online for a free Redbox movie code and put that on your card as well.

Snowman Poop, Reindeer Noses, Christmas Tree Seeds
Buy Tic-Tacs in bulk and make cute little cards for each different flavor. Some examples are: Snowman Poop for the white ones, Christmas Tree Seeds for the green tic tacs, and Reindeer Noses for the red ones.

Hot Chocolate Spoons
Another cute and easy idea are hot chocolate mixing spoons. Make them by dipping plastic spoons into melted chocolate, and then put small candies, sprinkles, marshmallows, etc. onto the chocolate. Pop the spoons in the fridge for a few minutes for the chocolate to harden. If you’d like, put a different color of chocolate in a plastic bag, cut off the corner and squeeze stripes onto the chocolate spoons. Give them to your neighbors with a little note that says “Swirl these into your hot cocoa for a flavored delight! Merry Christmas! Love, The Smiths.”

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