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01 Feb Being Healthy on a Budget

Every year, most people make the decision that they want to live a little healthier. However, there are many reasons that people let this decision fall by the wayside. Sometimes, it’s just the inconvenience that a healthy lifestyle presents in someone’s everyday life. However, for many people, one major perceived roadblock is that it is more expensive to live a healthy lifestyle, due to the price of healthy food, and the notion that a person is going to need to fork out for a monthly gym membership. This is a misconception, though. It’s actually quite possible to be healthy on a budget…

Buy generic healthy food

One huge misconception about healthy eating is that it is generally more expensive. This might be true if you are falling for marketing gimmicks that proclaim buzzwords like “organic” or “non-GMO”. However, the truth is that you can buy whole food ingredients at a much lower cost than most processed foods. Typically, processed box food is giving you much less nutritional value for your dollar, and tends to cost more, anyways. Purchasing base ingredients to make your own food puts you one step closer to a healthy lifestyle, and is probably saving you a buck.

Exercise outdoors

Aside from eating healthy, the other major aspect of healthy living is being physically active. To many people, this means forking out for an expensive gym membership. While a gym is an excellent place that is geared towards physical fitness, you don’t actually need one, in order to remain active. Simply putting on some athletic clothes and heading outside can be a great way to get some exercise in, every day. Waking up a little earlier and running for 15-20 minutes goes a long way towards a healthier lifestyle.

Drink lots of water

One of the simplest ways that you can make a change in your lifestyle to become healthier is simply to drink more water. Most Americans drink far less than the recommended amount of water, daily, which can cause dehydration and other health problems. While we’re not going to lie and tell you that drinking more water is going to be some magical fix-all, it will help you feel more refreshed and energized, day-by-day.

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